The weeping God

1. I see your soul, Weeping God. In fear and in doubt Of human experiences, Consoling your anxieties, By avoiding your thoughts, Judging humanity by their unsavoured actions, Keeping appearances, dreading ageing and… Continue reading


There’s something about the world That makes me tired and lazy, Sometimes I wonder if it’s me And I’m just becoming crazy. I try hard to get along And be friendly with all… Continue reading

Reflective Gratitude

The night owl whooing calling my name, I was in darkness, deeply in shame. It was so cold, I was alone, The forest gripping me in twighlight zone. For years and decades I… Continue reading

A tree of families

A leaf drops, —– A soul descends ———- Unto the earth of my family. Generations are gone —– To the roots of the past ———- From leaves that became seeds. Flowers shine —–… Continue reading

My Mothers’ Children

When I was a child I often spent time with my nan while my mum and dad would go to work. It was difficult for me to understand why my mum would choose… Continue reading

Just for today!

Walking to work has made me once again reflect on priorities in life. Simple lives are more meaningful and beautiful.  Simple lives can be colourful and stress free as well. Life is more… Continue reading

Happy Easter!

I’ve been very busy in the last few months with family, work and university coursework. My thesis has been annoying me for some time now, so I have not had the mood to… Continue reading

Wrong turn … with unexpected consequences

Left the hotel at 7.30 in the morning, in preparation to attend a two-day workshop in Birmingham about Brief Dynamic Therapy for Personality Disorders. I was particularly excited about attending this workshop, since… Continue reading

Beach of Solitude

Last month I decided to travel to the other side of the river, a placed called ‘New Brighton’ in Merseyside. Over there I had hear of mythical beaches that transcend all others that… Continue reading

Dark times

It has been a while since I have written anything. I could blame my busy life, as I am in the middle of a heavy-duty systematic review for my thesis, but also mid-through… Continue reading