The fourteen days of Valentine

♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ On the first day of Valentine’s,  my true love sent my way A fresh red rose bouquet. On the… Continue reading

The wet side of the Sun

Translucent tear drop, A gift from my past. Even the heavens cannot stop Infinite memories drifting, vast Transmutations of fears. Angels sewing these tears Growing a fertile field Where happiness has a shield… Continue reading

The door to eternity

**** Eternity is merely a dream To the mere mortal like me, But some people reach divinity By climbing the heavens’ tree. **** Eternity is merely a door That most of us cannot find,… Continue reading


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ stranded waiting for saving light looking into those eyes recognizing the soul within ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ confused wondering why you are lost trying to guide me somewhere new if only you listened to my… Continue reading


Do I exist when I’m asleep, Under spells of imagination? Or do I simply disappear deep Down, away from this creation? *** I’m still alive and do exist, Even when hidden away and… Continue reading

In the name of US

I. We are born to fear The unknown, to revere The mighty and strong, Since the weak are wrong. In the name of US! II. We are hardened wood Rotting, and crude Rejecting… Continue reading

A tale of the First Christmas

T’was the eve of the First Christmas When all throught the night, All people in town Saw a star shining bright. ☆☆☆ They gathered in fields Under such mighty event, Paraphrasing sacred rolls… Continue reading

HOPE interlingual

*** Esperança is Hope An experience not sad, Sentimento entrelaçado Braided in divine rope. *** Often people overlook Esta fé transcendental, Becoming judgemental Com um sorriso em truque. *** Agarrei esta emoção Held… Continue reading

F!ght!ng !llness

* Your presence through the doors With sadness in your eyes F!ght!ng the !llness wars * Your mind not fully yours. Somehow I must surmise Your presence through the doors * To start… Continue reading

The wait

Waiting. Definitely waiting … Deliberately waiting … Eventfully waiting … Pressurely waiting … Protestingly waiting … Confusingly waiting … Resignatingly waiting …  Waiting for you. I was looking the wrong way… You’ve been… Continue reading