Shroud of age

Halfway through life Wondering how I’ve got here. Tears,  joy, sadness, sighs, Dreams are far, yet near. This new phase that I face Is a mistery and a wonder. A young mind in… Continue reading


Life is full of surprises Ups and downs Smiles and frowns Misery in many guises Of our many abilities One stands out above all, On our feet we stand tall With dire liabilities.… Continue reading

The kiss of a snail

I wandered through paradise, Seeking touch from inspiration; In me emerging butterflies, My eyes in adoration. My feet on pebbled sand, Lungs inhaling the moors above; The horizon gregariously fanned, From heaven in… Continue reading


Heavy eyelids. Magical fairy dust. Taking me to the Nneveriti. My soul flies free, My body gives away to sleep Protected by the guardians of eternia. Chronos never visits Venus has no power… Continue reading

Cycle of life

Trees hustle. ______Birds nest. Mothering season. ______New life. Hope at hand. Under divine hand. ______Eternal strife. Unfreezing. ______Nature’s best. Colours bustle.   #beyondmontenegro #mirroredsimple #poem #newlife Photo courtesy (c) Sarah Baillie 17 July… Continue reading


Trees hustle Encouraging birds to rest. Mothering season, Promoting a spawn for life Emanating hope for the land Re-energising a divine hand. Admirable long strife Nurturing nature’s reason Constructing future’s best Echoes bustle.… Continue reading

A smile from the Sun

A glimpse of creation Sweeps through this land, Shadowing salvation From mountains to sand. A source of elation Possible to withstand, Ancient adoration A wonder at hand. Eclipse in formation Like prophet’s command,… Continue reading


  Gasp … breathless Flying above the clouds.   Free … weightless Floating without frontiers.   Dream … guiltless Finding my future within.   Live … fearless Fighting awakening battle.   Run …… Continue reading

Wet me Mersey one more time*

Oh Mersey, Mersey, Oh Mersey, Mersey, Oh Mersey, Mersey, How was I supposed to know That I was gonna miss you. Oh Mersey, Mersey, I thought my life was gonna flow And now… Continue reading

Mersey stare

Staring at the Mersey in awe. Memories flooding raw Of a time long gone, Waiting for a new dawn. But life carries on, Emotions withdrawn … Immeasurable flaw Drawing final straw. Uneventful awe.… Continue reading