Human 2: requiem

Creature of earth Human at birth Animal with rights Lusting for fights. Look at your past Enraged so fast Neutering the land Grief is at hand. Implode your insanity. Neutralise your vanity. Grow… Continue reading

Out of a book

I read you out of a book Muttering over laughs and tears. Possibly wishing you were real Or at least I was in the book with you Surfing the waves of your hair… Continue reading

A stone’s nature

Oh stone, What’s hidden beneath you? I dare to question. I dare to dream. I dare not to look, The secrets that lie beneath you. I search for clues Around you, stillness. Snail… Continue reading

Legīum for Natércia

Rejoice,  Natércia, your soul in my veins, Existence so deep burning down my fire. The muse of my heart, goddess of desire, Intentional poet, breaks shackles and chains. Tears shed about love, motherhood… Continue reading

Rise Paris, rise

Providence looks after your souls Anguish fills your eerie skies Refusing to kneel to the decadent Improvise some hope and strength Show us how to be a solid Tower. *to the innocent victims… Continue reading

All of us … for Lebanon

Liberty is a great cost, Enchanted and diverse land. Be united on this sad day, All of us, for the country … for the world. Nurture the cedar with tears Over the irreplaceable… Continue reading

Time Lord

Time elapsed Indiscreetly painful Murdering ancient dreams Elevating infinite goodbyes. Lord of my soul Only if I could travel back Revisiting my past choices. Destiny chose my shadows.

An imitation to the “Ode of the Globe Amaranth”

For those livin’ the Minho valleys In fluid weather under density Listening to advice, in honesty Following laws like ancient alleys. Lonely echoes sounding in the mounts The Shepherd repeats from his tower… Continue reading

Ode to the Globe Amaranth

Shepherds residents in these valleys Shepherds living in such density Reveal to us in all honesty Is Globe Amaranth from dark alleys? In those distant and neighbouring mounts You find such tough eternal… Continue reading

Tears of wax

A candle is lit For your safe journey, my love. It burns, It cries, Its tears melt from inside. I pray For your safe return, my love, While the candle keeps its light.… Continue reading