A Day of Thanksgiving to Europa – 24 June

These are sad times for Europe and all those who live within it. Britannia has fallen out with her mother Europa, and the future seems uncertain and confusing for many. However, despite the apparent turmoil… Continue reading

The prodigal daughter – a Biblical BREXIT – part 2

Britannia had decided to leave her family home and separate from her family. She asked her friends and all the subjects in the land, but despite a very close divide she was convinced… Continue reading

The prodigal daughter – a biblical BREXIT – part 1

There was once a wise and kind king who had many many daughters. The daughters’ relationship was stormy and dysfunctional. Many times they would fight each other for reasons beyond understanding. However the… Continue reading


I saw myself fall asleep Into the depths of the night. Dreams were a passing vanity Premonitions of a lost heart. I saw myself fall deep In the abyss of darkened light. A… Continue reading

Sonnet to the terrorist

Oh terrorist, you are not a human being! Unworthy of being called an animal; Hyenas have shown they are more rational And their mighty laughs hold no evil meaning. You kill defenceless people… Continue reading

A tale of the First Christmas

* Written in December 2014 but worth repeating ———– T’was the eve of the First Christmas When all throught the night, All people in town Saw a star shining bright. ☆☆☆ They gathered… Continue reading

The promise

Over these eternal years many promises I made some as clear as bloody tears most impregnable as shade. Promises made out of fears hoping my feats would soon fade My heart bleeds out… Continue reading

If I was Father Christmas

If I was Father Christmas I would transform your tears Into diamonds and precious stones To share with the whole world. If I was Father Christmas I would rewrite your fears Into beautiful… Continue reading


forever, is an eternity                      souls that never end. CYCLE OF THUNDERS,                      lightnings of LIFE  … Continue reading

Serene sky

How serene is the sky,  rising up so tender the moon in great splendour beauty not to forget! The winds quieten down;  a noise from the river faces a strong shiver from a… Continue reading