About this page!

This page is about my expressions on life.

I’m a health professional, working in a busy environment with people who have experienced brain injuries and other neurological events. I consider myself to be a regular person, with a regular life. I work hard to achieve a stable and successful career that I enjoy and can use to make a difference in other people’s lives. Some days are hard and tense, so all I want is to go home and write whatever comes to mind, without superego censorship and only want to let my id let loose.

This is a diary for my journeys, travels, ideas, and life experiences or impressions, which I may want to share with the world. These writings may come in the form of prose, narrative, poetry, translations, and simply photographs with a running commentary.

Oh by the way, this page is not about the country of Montenegro, but just about due to a coincidence that my surname is also Montenegro!

All photos in this page are taken by me or someone I know and has given me permission to put them here. I’m not a professional photographer, and I just take photos whenever I have the chance and when I feel like it, with a cheap camera, so bear with me.

There probably won’t be any regular daily bloggings, but I will try to make my stories interesting, short and inspiring whenever I feel up for it – at least from my view point. There may be some rambles and controversy too.

By the way, most of my entries will in the Língua Franca known as English, but that is not my mother tongue, so apologies in advance for any oddities or grammatical nonsense.

If you have any suggestions please get in touch, with the form below, but please be kind with me.