Philip Mountbatten

Protector of the Crown,

How many times did you notice the weight of such responsibility?

Impossible task for the mere mortal, yet you

Lived each moment with caring tender alongside your Queen.

Immutable to the anxieties and fears of such burden and responsibility,

Proud Prince of the United Kingdom.

My heart bleeds with your departure;

Only those close to you feel deep how much

Untenable pain comes with such loss.

Nevertheless, you have an eternal place in history, and even though

Temples may never be built in your name

Before Olympus the gods will shy upon your presence, and even

Apollo with kneel before you and hand over his sceptre, Great Duke.

Thank you for your Grace and your protection.

Thank you for being next to our Queen during the most difficult and happy hours.

Edinburgh was only the start of your journey to Heaven,

Never to be forgotten, eternally foretold.

*RIP on the 9th April 2021 (aged 99 years young)