The park is full with walkers
Pacing slow with each other;
Grunting irrationally at the clouds
Growling smiles at one another, and
Hoping the skies open up for the sun.
It’s only dawn, the sun shies away
Today is the rain’s domain.

Where there was once life, they now
Drag their feet slowly, exhausted,
In a ritual that defies all senses.
Wet skin in muddy clothes
Cold feet in clogged shoes,
I stare at them, ready to run
In case they sense me.

Next to them, smaller walkers,
Ravaging each others;
Growling and grunting;
Chasing and fighting;
Covered in mud and slime.
I hide in case they sense my presence
The park is full of walkers and their dogs.

*Posted from the depths of my heart