The shutters are down
I’m all alone, not sure where to turn to;
Inside me … despair.

Despised by my own mind,
Confused, unsure of where to turn to;
My thoughts race.

It’s pitch dark in this mansion,
My shutters are down;
Even I doubt I am at home.

My reality fades,
Nightmares regain life;
I’m so lost, which way do I go?

Crumbled to a corner,
I weep in silence;
Afraid of waking up any hope.

Some say there’s a light,
All I see is darkness …
The shutters are so heavy.

Cannot smile,
Neither feel warmth inside;
A great void overwhelms my life.

My soul perishes,
As my mind has lost all faith
In finding my way to the light.

I cry inside,
My eyes are frozen,
My heart is unsure of where to turn to.

Is it worth opening my shutters
When all I see is dark
As I look outside my window?

I’ll crouch to a corner instead;
Maybe a ray of sun
Will find its way into the shutters.


Posted from the depths of my heart