The prodigal daughter – a Biblical BREXIT – part 2

Britannia had decided to leave her family home and separate from her family. She asked her friends and all the subjects in the land, but despite a very close divide she was convinced that her best decision was to go. She was too angry to contain her thoughts. She was thinking with her emotions and not being reasonable.

King Eon and Queen Europa were worried about their daughter Britannia and what would happen to her. Most importantly, they were also worried that some of their other daughters were also now wanting to follow on Britannia’s footsteps and asking to leave the family home.

Marianne was the first to cry her eyes out and saying to Britannia: “If you go, I’ll go too. We’re best friends, so why would you leave me behind?” Even their older sister Hetalia who was in the view that no one should leave was having second thoughts about the whole thing.

Their cousins Columbia,  Hibernia, and Aĕstraelia were also shocked by such irrational decision and what was happening in their family.

Britannia will soon have to return to the Kingdom’s High Court and tell the judge of her decision. She will have a little while to prepare her affairs but once she has made her decision there won’t  be a way back, unless for some weird reason the judge decides to deny her application to divorce her family.

To be continued …


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