The prodigal daughter – a biblical BREXIT – part 1

There was once a wise and kind king who had many many daughters. The daughters’ relationship was stormy and dysfunctional. Many times they would fight each other for reasons beyond understanding. However the king would eventually bring them together in peace and show them that a “united rope is stronger than all strings loose”.

One day, one of his middle daughters named Brittany Rose was so pissed off with her cheesy father and bitchy sisters decided to take all inheritance and leave her family. The king pleaded that she wouldn’t go. He worried for her safety in this ravaging world. After all, she was so fair, young, naive and a bit dizzy. Her sisters cried and apologised to Brittany, promising they would be less bitchy and less disfunctional if she stayed.

But Brittany had been dazzled by angst and blinded by despair, perhaps because she was a spoiled brat who never did a fucking job in her life, demanded from the Kingdom’s High Court to be completely disconnected from her family. The high Court judge sent of a public notice and asked her to think about it, to ask her friends and all her subjects what would be the best choice for her situation.

She had to consider two options:

– either she remained with her family and reaped all the gains of such affair, even if her sisters were cunts and her dad a tit. She would have to learn to deal with that but ultimately she would be protected and safe, eventually one day marrying a nice lad and become a queen somewhere.

– or she would leave and divorce her family, take all her belongings. She would be free, perhaps while she had money, but would never be able to return home or inherit anything else from her family. She would have to change her status as princess, would never marry royalty, and would have to face her problems alone. Most importantly she would have to work 10x more for a fraction of her gains. Also, if one day she faced problems with money or danger she would not be able to approach the king for help or mercy and would be treated as a foreigner.

Brittany went to her people asking their thoughts about it. People were obviously divided but the decision will be made soon.

To be continued


* dedicated to Britannia, the Rose of Europe, whose garden will be less colourful without it.

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