I saw myself fall asleep
Into the depths of the night.
Dreams were a passing vanity
Premonitions of a lost heart.

I saw myself fall deep
In the abyss of darkened light.
A world without profecy
From where dreams cannot depart.

I saw myself creep
Into the armour of a knight.
Great defender against the cruelty
That has taken my sleep apart.

I saw myself weep;
I felt ashamed of such sight.
Why so much ambiguity?
Human feelings are not art.

I saw myself peep
Bewildered, I found a lost sprite.
Never had I seen equal beauty
Guiding my thoughts to depart.

I saw my eyelids keep
The purpose of night’s rite.
After all there is a duty,
As soon my day will start.


Posted from the depths of my heart