A stone’s nature

Oh stone,
What’s hidden beneath you?
I dare to question.
I dare to dream.
I dare not to look,
The secrets that lie beneath you.

I search for clues
Around you, stillness.
Snail trails, busy ants,
Peaceful clovers.
My mind wonders
For what may be beneath you.

Perhaps a treasure,
A lost key,
Or even an emptiness!
My anxiety builds,
Curiosity takes over
To uncover what’s beneath you.

Oh human,
I wonder why you search beneath me?
So many questions.
So many fears.
I dare you to look
What’s hidden within you.

You search the world
For happiness and joy.
What a treasure you have!
To fly free and see
What’s over the sunset,
Yet you question my secrets.

You have your treasure.
You hold the key
To find what’s within you.
Beneath me … your fears.
Still, solid and forever.
After all, I’m only a stone.