Legīum for Natércia

Rejoice,  Natércia, your soul in my veins,
Existence so deep burning down my fire.
The muse of my heart, goddess of desire,
Intentional poet, breaks shackles and chains.

Tears shed about love, motherhood near the Thames,
A story with honours until you were old.
You missed the homeland and its River of Gold,
Writing thousand words as fantastic as gems.

Although not from Greece you’re greater than Sappho,
Your rhymes found a future amidst all your seed,
Your words in my eyes I shall never deter.

You lived with a guardian wearing a shako,
Honoured by Princes, had your gender been freed,
Blessed by The Archangel, the one you prefer.


*dedicated to my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother Catarina Micaela de Lencastre, great poet, known in the social sphere as the Portuguese Sappho, and wrote under the pseudonym Natércia. She lived in London for some years but her heart was always “saudoso” of her homeland and the Douro River.

Legium is the anagram of my name, but also means “requiem” or a song to honour the dead. I am here honouring Catarina, my eternal Natércia.