The kiss of a snail

I wandered through paradise,
Seeking touch from inspiration;
In me emerging butterflies,
My eyes in adoration.

My feet on pebbled sand,
Lungs inhaling the moors above;
The horizon gregariously fanned,
From heaven in Bowleaze Cove.

Seagulls and crows beyond,
Crickets and bees below;
I froze in paradisiac bond,
A snail overtook me slow.

In this meditative stance,
With all creation in sight;
My soul entered in trance,
With a snail for saving knight.

“How can life pass so fast?”
I felt a worry grow …
The answer is beside me at last
“I must live my life bit slow”.

What started a day’s stroll,
Changed my life ever since;
A snail kissed my soul,
Awakening my inner prince.