The door to eternity


Eternity is merely a dream

To the mere mortal like me,

But some people reach divinity

By climbing the heavens’ tree.


Eternity is merely a door

That most of us cannot find,

But some people find the path

To this sacred state of mind.


Eternity is merely a journey

For those who dare to live,

But some people age as trees

And their seed great love to give.


Eternity is merely a mirage

That haunts our dreams at night,

But some people show us Olympia

Where Gods gather in happy plight.


Eternity has been your story

From the day you entered life,

Your journey has been revealing

With 98 years of strife.


Happy 98th Birthday Grandmother, and may you continue to show us the secret to eternal life on earth.

Ceiling fresco Trafford Centre Manchester

Photo taken at Trafford Centre, Manchester, 21 December 2013, depicting a Ceiling Fresco Scene of Gods and Olympia