In the name of US

We are born to fear
The unknown, to revere
The mighty and strong,
Since the weak are wrong.
In the name of US!

We are hardened wood
Rotting, and crude
Rejecting our goals,
Banishing our souls.
In the name of US!

We feel we belong
Here, we are all alone
Under a sun burning dark,
And hearts lost their spark.
In the name of US!

Despise the different
Self, insignificant
And never equal,
Yet someone’s sequel.
In the name of US!

Uproot our brothers
Sisters, and mothers
Starving from safety,
Stuck in poverty.
In the name of US!

Only one true path
Above, Eagle’s wrath
Restricted and doomed,
Liberty’s exhumed.
In the name of US!

Freedom’s a mirage
Hell, a true life collage
With US people still,
Deafened to child’s shrill.
In the name of US!

Eternal pretence
Of care, much intense
World domination,
Such vexed creation.
In the name of US!

Beauty’s been ravaged
By plague, true’s savaged
Through laws of despair,
Our future’s now bare.
In the name of US!

Humans are extinct
Souls, lost indistinct
In dark hopelessness,
Dull and motionless.
In the name of US!

We keep our great truth
Alive, inner youth
Yearning lasting peace.
In the name of us!

Do not trust the stars
In US, stripes and bars
Are death of Eagles.
In the name of us!

Start new tradition
Afar, perdition
From those old leaders.
In the name of us!

Our great progeny
Guided, homogeny.
In the name of us!

Liberty’s new joist
Growing, far from moist.
In the name of us!

flower in rainy day

Photo #tears_of_nature, courtesy of @beyondmontenegro, Northampton, January 2015

Alcinetto rules:
1 – Alcinetto is a style of poem created in January 2015. It consists of 15 stanzas, consisting of 5 lines (quintains) up to stanza 10, of 4 lines (quatrain) from stanza 11 to 13) and then a triplet (3 lines) on stanzas 14 and 15. There should a total of 68 lines.

2 – Up to Stanza 10 the rhyming is distributed in a sequence of two couplets and a fixed line throughout the poem (refrain). From Stanza 11 to 13 the distribution is one couplet, one monorhyme and the refrain. The on stanzas 14 and 15 there is one couplet and the refrain. For example: aabbR ccddR eeffR gghhR iijjR kkllR mmnnR ooppR qqrrR ssttR uuvR wwxR yyzR AAR BBR.

3 – The refrain should have 5 syllables and the couplets should have between 5 and 7 syllables. The metric system should be duometric but at most trimetric.

4 – The 5th verse of each stanza repeats itself throughout the poem rhyme as a refrain, or chorus. The rhyme of the 5th verse should not coincide with the rhymes of other verses of the stanza.

5 – The theme to be narrated or described is at the discretion of the poet, but it can be satirical, reflective, metaphorical, mythological, classical, etc.