Satire to Man Flu

Dedicated to all Men with flu or cold. 😉

Cloth in my forehead, rosary’n hand
Hot water bottle, hot lemon brand
Nasty cough mixture, honey in wine
Lots of painkillers, I’m just not fine.

Fear overtakes me, I call my wife
Oh darling, darling, please save my life.
Check out my fever, my throat is sore
Shut up the children, please close the door.

Don’t bring chicken broth, salad’s useless
Oh darling, darling, you’re just ruthless.
If only you knew, just how I feel
Death is around me, and is so real.

Hell is approaching, devils in flames,
True fallen angels, seeking their claims.
Demons rejoicing, dancing in trance
Gargoils protecting, the devil’s manse.

Owls and crickets, sound like a hound
Oh darling, darling, what was that sound!
For sure can’t be rain, down the window
Oh darling, darling, fix my pillow.

For sure can’t be wind, howling around
Neither all voices, swirling from town.
No tap is dripping, down in the deck
Put my crucifix, around my neck.

Fix up my bedding, and bring the priest
Or pray to Jesus, do that at least.
Please call the doctor, and let me speak
Oh darling, darling, I am so weak.

Go fetch me some tea, bake me some cake
Don’t go anywhere, while I’m awake.
I feel so lonely, shortness of breath
Oh darling, darling, I’m facing death.


*Translated today from the original poem by António Lobo Antunes, “Sátira aos homens quando estão com gripe“.