Robin The Great

A giant reaches the stars
Ready for a lonely journey,
Holding to the bars
Of a rusty creaky gurney.

An experience of being an entity,
Dreams emerging from rage,
A robin in a dead society
Breaking out from his birdcage.

The present he tries to seize,
Until aged and in need of glasses.
With spinach he can truly tease
A whole army of human masses.

Many innocent smiles he brings,
Only to mask his teary eyes,
As a genie who really sings
Or as a nanny in disguise.

A game that froze his time,
Perhaps in a new dimension,
With a life form made of slime,
as a droid or holographic extension.

With many sleepless nights
For a bed as mausoleum,
With his inner shrink he fights
His life exposed in a museum.

He’s truly the face of love
Good enough for one-hour photo,
His heart is a big white dove
“Goooood Mooooorning” was his first motto.

In a final cry for help
Lasting longer than 9 months
He sounds of an aged whelp
Reciting on stage his truths:

I reach my hand
waiting for a touch,
for a presence,
for a smile,
for a voice,
or a hand to hold on to,
to deliver me away from my precipice.

I seek acceptance and understanding,
dearest hugs from others,
but I am lonely,
at the edge of existence,
and hope has left my sight.

A mask I wear at all times,
to hide my immense pain,
they’re dark shaddows of my soul
that force my smile wide open.

The end is near,
the crossroads are closing in,
the options are many,
but there is only one goodbye”.

Robin will never see the tomb
Holding an ancient secret,
This Christmas we’ll be in gloom,
Absolutely anything but decente.

*Goodbye Robin Williams*

The above poem has been written in reference to the many movies that Robin participated in.

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