Sifting through my hands

my soul’s golden dust fades away,

blown to the universe by ravaging hopelessness,

keeping my heart adrift

from my dreams aspirations.



Why? I ask.

Why has fate decided to play tricks on my goals

making me believe that I could fly?

When I am no more than a fogged-in mollusc vagrantly

drowning in one of the greatest expansions of greed

ever witnessed by mankind, since the genesis of

human consciousness!



I feel tired from this daily rush,

trying to please the unpleased,

proving myself to the sceptic,

lighting the way to the ignorant.



I know what I want.

I don’t know how to get there.

Where’s my courage? Where’s my confidence?

I need my individuality back, so I can believe

that I can do it … that I can succeed.


Photo courtesy of Catherine Malone, Lancashire, UK.