The return of Adonis


Adonis is coming down from Olympo tonight.

At the back of a Golden Pegasus he rides,

Guided by Venus, rescuing my soul.

Amongst the Gods he was unhappy.


In Eternia the moon was not as passionate,

The Sun was not as translucid,

And the Stars were not as mesmerising,

As they appear to us here in Gaya.


No wonder the Gods envy us!

In their forever, they know not

The meaning of Now.


In such immortality, life has no value,

Experiences are taken for granted, and

Happiness is boring!


Some Gods prefer our short rich life,

Rather than a long misguided Eternity.


I am glad my Adonis is coming Home,

His Eternal Love will resonate forever

In my Soul.


Photo courtesy of Catherine Malone, Lancashire, UK.