In memory of those who are missing and a thank you for the hard work of all those involved in the search of the people from the Malaysian flight MH370.

A sound, a noise,
We search with hope
To find the lost
On the continental slope.

Confusing choice
On oceanic voracity,
Our only lust?
Find MH370.

There’s no rejoice
In a hunt uncharted
An immeasurable cost
To our loved departed.

A silent voice,
From signal variations,
We must exhaust
Searching with all nations.

So many decoys
Creates great mystery,
A corrupting frost
In aviation history.

Our searching toys
Of modern science,
Must we still trust
Amid this silence?

The army “boys”
Work hard throughout
Making the most
Of signals worn out.

A faint low noise!
Black box’s we hope
To bring the lost
Out from this slope.


To the missing and their loved ones, our prayers and thoughts are with you