Cry me a song, Crimea

Crimea, Crimea
Who really are thou?
Being so desired
Between a world row.

The West and the East
Discuss in despair
Thy real identity
And thy fate, to be fair!

A Red(1) mist penetrates
Into thy fair landscape,
But Stars(2) stripe through it
So thee can escape.

There’s no easy answer
Where thy fortune must lie
Dost thee belong on earth?
Perhaps in the sky!

What’s real and of matter
Are thy children who suffer.
Many hurt and some killed,
For Ukraine and for Russia.

Gather thought Crimea
Consider thy history,
Where will thee be most happy?
Now there’s a true mystery.

Contemplate all options
At thy right and thy left
The crossroad is unclear
Leaving thee most bereft.

Events just unfold,
Like spawn in a pond.
Cry thy story, Crimea,
With thy unheard old song.

(1) Russia
(2) USA

Hands of love