“The Speech”

There was once a country(1) in tightened rule
Led by a government cold and cruel,
With Comrade Vadin(2) as head of state
And Chancel Sloggi(3) to help dictate.

The People were poor, overworked and sad
Leading their lives with blinding fad
Forced to believe that no grass is green
With hope as mirage down a deep ravine.

The country was still attractive to others
To foreign nations and their pauper mothers
Looking for a place to seek salvation
And feed their children with a bit of ration.

Then Comrade Vadin came out to his people
-“Brothers and Sisters together we’re a steeple.
Remember the sacrifice of our ancestors,
We need hard workers; we need investors”.

-“Perhaps the best way to change our wealth
Is to privatise our system of health.
We then re-tighten our country’s borders,
Then charge the vulnerable to access our doctors”.

-“You must pay your way to have a life,
Whether you’re at home or a working wife.
If you earn too much you won’t have support,
If you con the system you will face the court”.

No one was saved from his tyranny,
The disabled and the ill losing dignity.
Single parents were made to face more work,
Leaving their babies with a nursery clerk.

Then even retirement became a joke,
Older people to work or simply became broke.
Most would not live to see their rest
Just to fill with gold the government’s chest.

The speech was starting to resemble bitterness,
So Chancel Sloggi stepped bearing witness,
-“Most richer countries in all the planet
Have stronger communities as tough as granite”.

-“You must believe us, because we know
That our Great Nations won’t last this blow,
People will come to drain our economy
So work for your dole, is our philosophy”.

The speech went on throughout the day
The words were harsh, the mood was grey:
-“We must be United against invaders,
Illegal immigrants or financial raiders”.

The message favoured a faked community
And followed a strict “no to diversity”.
This “Big Society” was all that matters
When individuality falls down in shatters.

The beloved Comrade passionately believed
That human rights could be aggrieved,
And by convincing all people too
The whole Kingdom would share his view.

(1) UK
(2) Anagram for David Cameron
(3) Anagram for Nicholas Clegg

Sun clock

*Photo taken at Calderstones Park, Liverpool, February 2014.

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