Waiting for the New Year, or ‘Tis the night before the New Year

‘Tis the night before New Year, when all through our town

Every creature is excited, even truly the clown.

The pubs are packed in, and in restaurants no empty chair,

In hope that next year brings financial repair.


The women all dressed up with tinsel on their heads,

The blokes are great visions of bowties and threads.

Most people do gather upbeat in the bash,

While others are working bringing out the trash.


People walk past me, some cheerful with pose.

If only this feeling stayed forever and froze.

Young women are singing, glittery and in bristle,

A group of young lads call them ‘love’ and wolf whistle.


It’s rather amazing to view this great show,

People so drunk their faces just glow.

I’m rather overwhelmed in need of a nap,

But while I’m out here I’m just going to clap.


I’m out with my mates and that’s all that matters,

Welcoming the new year breaking plates in shatters.

A friend then approach us with few pints of beer,

With drinks in our hands all we do is cheer.


I look all around me thinking I’m being slick,

Then I get a nasty look like I’m being a dick.

This bird then starts shouting, wanting someone to shame,

My mate then just says: ‘It’s all part of the game’.


She is rather cute but most likely a vixen,

Not worth all the trouble, must continue to mix in.

This club we’re in, rather quaint and small,

Less room to dance but maybe to crawl.


I then realise time is passing by,

Midnight in near to wish the old year goodbye.

We then come out and join another queue,

For another club to enter and then get some brew.


In this special night people behave so aloof,

Forgetting their suffering in ways that are goof.

Drinking to forget or maybe to slack,

One thing is certain, the past won’t come back.


The night club is full, the streets are as scary,

All people want is to end the year merry.

Emptying their glasses in pile-ups that grow,

Bartenders just busy serving customers in flow.


I look at my watch and grind up my teeth,

Midnight approaches, and I’m glad underneath.

The countdown then starts, my legs turn to jelly,

Enjoying this night out, not at home watching telly.


I decide to stay longer, another drink from the shelf,

I then come to terms: I’m all by myself.

I decide to head home feeling a bit jitters

Wishing I could now eat a plate of cod fritters.


While crossing the road I find a coin on the floor,

Perhaps a good omen from the fortune’s door.

Then I reflect on how blessed my year’s been,

Must make renewed efforts to think more of my kin.


Now that I’m near home and my door is at sight,

I can’t stop thinking ‘this was a great night’.

My heart is all wishful to everyone far and near,

May all have a most healthy and prosperous New Year.

Winter flower