There’s something about the world
That makes me tired and lazy,
Sometimes I wonder if it’s me
And I’m just becoming crazy.

I try hard to get along
And be friendly with all the people,
But there’s na eerie ignorance
Making such relationships feeble.

If only I was much stronger
With na extravert attitude,
I would face social ambivalence
Even amidst enormous multitude.

It’s never easy to negotiate
People’s systems and beliefs,
Changing cultures that are stuck
And be faced with multiple griefs.

In life changes are so hard
When people’s hearts are set in stone,
Struggling with self-evolution
Living in traditions made of bone.

I believe in dripping wisdom
Giving people steady strength,
To create more positive attitudes
and their unevolved wisdom quench.

Lone eagle flying

Photo courtesy of Catherine Malone, Lancashire, UK.