Reflective Gratitude

The night owl whooing calling my name,
I was in darkness, deeply in shame.
It was so cold, I was alone,
The forest gripping me in twighlight zone.

For years and decades I wandered lost
My heart was blue in deep down frost.
The horizon showed itself a light,
Thousands of colours as close a bright.

I aimed for it through trial and test,
My hopes were high without a rest.
I reached the goal of heart’s desire,
I prayed in humbleness like an ancient friar.

I then looked back into my life,
Victory is sweeter on bitter strife.
I’m still amazed on what’s achieved
Still in great shock, yet so relieved.

I owe great deal for the great support,
Inspiring Adonis, my immutable fort.
My heart is humbled with gratitude,
To life and choice, fate’s latitude.

sun at dawn

Photo courtesy of Catherine Malone, Lancashire, UK.