A tree of families

A leaf drops,

—– A soul descends

———- Unto the earth of my family.

Generations are gone

—– To the roots of the past

———- From leaves that became seeds.

Flowers shine

—– To the descendants

———- Reminding them of the fruits of old.

The branches strong,

—– Some green, some dried

———- Upholding the family’s brand.

The names of those

—– That are long gone

———- Were written by river sprites.

We turn the rocks

—– And we can reveal

———- The magnitude of actions done.

If only I could rest in peace

—– Along with giants’ land,

———- And honour the name of those

—————That died to keep the tree upright.

Yellow leaf
Photo courtesy of Catherine Malone, Lancashire, UK.

To honour my family and my ancestors.