My Mothers’ Children

When I was a child I often spent time with my nan while my mum and dad would go to work. It was difficult for me to understand why my mum would choose work over me, but I had no say over that. I still felt reassured that she would always come back to me at the end of the day. It was like magic, and to me that meant the world! Seeing my mum  again as if it was the first time, or as if she had been away for an eternity.

However, I loved spending time with my nan. It was then that I started learning about the world and all it contains. My nan had this strange gift to relate to people, nature and all spiritual things. One day my nan took me to this lovely woods to collect wild herbs. There were loads of woods in those days. There was abundant nature back then. I even remember having fireflies in my garden in warm summer nights!

I then curiously asked my nan why she needed the herbs, and she replied it was” to make food taste nice and to help people when they have tummy aches“. I then asked who made the herbs grow, and my nan replied it was mother. That made sense, my mum was my hero and she would definitely have the time and power to make these herbs grow!

So, for years I thought it was my mum who’d planted those herbs, until I grew older to understand that my nan meant ‘mother nature’ and not my biological mother. From that moment I started recording our mother’s children and wherever I go I photograph plants, animals and nature. So, for both my mothers, I give you some of these photos!

With love!









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