My hips don’t lie …. even if I keep on loosing more weight

People around me have noticed on the amount of weight I lost over the past 4 months. Literally, I lost 35kgs (around 70lbs) and I am so happy with it. I can now fit into clothes that I have not dare buy 18 years ago. Reflecting back in time, last time I weighed 79kgs was when I was 20. My secret? Well check out my other page, which contains a brief explanation about my weight loss programme. Anyhow, there is catch though. Being obese for so long, literally for years, my flesh is now finding it hard to retract to the natural shape of the body. My hips don’t lie… and when I look at myself in the mirror, because sometimes I also do that, I see the explanation why some of the clothes I buy will be loose on my waist but very tight around my hips and thighs…. Damn!

I like to give it a bit of dance every satuday and Sunday after waking up… it energises me. So at the sound of mix between Lucenzo, Don Omar and Shakira I found a new way for my hips. Shame I’m a man but I could definitely learn how to hip dance, Shakira style, or maybe I could just try and go to the gym to melt this fat around my hips and love handles. Reflecting on my current limbo stauts between being fat and being unfit, I went for a walk around the city. Saturday mornings are the best to walk, because the city is quiet, since most people are asleep from partying all Friday night. Plus today was a special nice sunny morning, which is really rare around these parts.

I could hear the smile in people’s faces as I browsed looked through the closed shops, perhaps even reminding myself that ‘I need to come back here later to buy some stuff’, something that I do often but if I don’t write it down – well, it’s gone almost immediately.

In certain places, especially near bakeries/patisseries I could almost not resist the intense aromas coming from the freshly baked croissants and cakes being produced for the day. Gladly, this place is not like home where bakeries open at 5 or 6 a.m. and they serve customers there and then. It reminds me of a time long gone, when on my way to work I used to knock at the back door of the local baker and wait a few minutes while the bread and croissants were coming out of their enormous ovens. These were the days were the dough was freshly made, and were not like the croissants you find in many places nowadays that has been made weeks ago and have been frozen into their shape ready to be baked. However, even if these were the days, I could not even dare to have a croissant that frequent anymore…it all goes to my hips. Instead, all I have on a daily basis is fruit and oats and more fruit – and now I know what it feels like to be ageing and not being able to burn my calories.

Then, almost depressed by my internal ruminations and almost narcissistic nostalgic impressions of myself 20 years ago, I went home to have my breakfast – you guessed – fruits and porridge! I look at my balcony in my apartment and admire a beautiful pair of flowers (don’t know heir name sorry), and how they just live each day – in a cyclic way, being beautiful for a few days and then decaying to give space to the new generation of flowers to come.

Whether flowers also have cognitive processes and understand their purpose, not sure if anyone can answer that, but the most important is that their life span is so short and for sure they will not spend it all thinking about possibilities. They live the moment… something that us humans should do more… called mindfulness or being mindful of the here and now (just Google it)… or maybe we are so spoiled with so much time to live and spare that we can afford a few (many) years of our puny lives worrying, being low, being horrible and bitchy to others, and being useless to ourselves, when we could use every single hour of our existence to enjoy what we have and not what we had years ago neither what we may have in 5 years time. If you are like me, and don’t believe in another chance (i.e. reincarnation), then we must stop wasting this incarnation!