Fireflies in my eyes … or it is a ‘harry’ eyelash?

As I woke up this morning I was reminiscing of times long gone (literally) when my friends and I, would chase up fireflies during dark and warm summer nights under the shadows of the moon or, during its absense, the stars. Nostalgically, I miss those days where the innocence of my childhood completed the adventurousness of my naïvity encouraged me to explore my world without fears or reservations. I come from a time of ‘no computers, playstations or internet’. My playgrounds were ‘nature, tree houses and woodlands’ where ‘my facebook and twitter’ was the real contactful human gossip of looking at magazines with seminaked women and men that made me blush, brief look away and then stare at them for longer than before. Many times I wondered how fireflies managed to produce that light, and it was this ‘mystery of nature’ that kept me going every summer night, for years, to the dark woodlands to admire the fabulous luminous dances of these ‘flies’.  I thought that these were the fallen stars from heaven, as there must have been so many that they could not keep them up there. I even wondered if angels would use the fireflies to light their houses and even the moon. Funny days those, but then age brings the seriousness of facts and reality and all the mystery is suddenly gone, and so is the pleasure to chase up a living creature that is at the brink of extinction. I must say that I haven’t seen a firefly for years now, perhaps more than 20, but it could be that I am not looking at the right place.

As I was then preparing my breakfast, which is inevitably heated oats with skimmed milk (I actually grew to like it, even if it looks like wallpaper paste and tastes like shit), I still see the shadows of these long gone memories of the fireflies of my youth. However, these are merely  ‘floaters’ that remain in the vitreous fluid that fills my eyes. I have so many that at times I actually think I can see flies. At times I even think I can see shadows of people, of ghosts or otherwise, but then as I look better the floaters ‘fly’ away and the vision becomes clearer. There is little I can do about this for now, as my body should be absorbing these things, and to be honest they don’t bother me much, unless I am trying to read something and they often get in the way. I shall ‘keep an eye’ on this and if things change I know I can always trust my doctors!!!!!

Anyhow, as I eat my breakfast I like to watch early news on TV, which for sure are never biased and filtered! As with anything that can make a headline these days, the news of Prince Harry’s naked photos seem to be controversy around the civilised world. Ok, he probably had sex. So what? He was naked. So what?  And the world is full of more worthy things to report, or to even focus on, and these ‘journalists’ waste their time taking photos of a man who should be on a private holiday with his friends and was naked at some point, as we all are on a daily basis, unless you go to the shower with your bikini or briefs on, to prevent your shower curtains to become enraged with embarrassment and even maybe sue you.

I say, or even I won’t say why these reporters have to spend so much of our time, money and energy to bring back the photos of a naked prince having a good time with some girls. It’s not like he is the ‘naked king’ of that known fairy tale story, who is misguided by two swindlers to parade naked in his city. No, Harry was in a private setting and journalists broke their code of ethics by invading and breaching that privacy. To ‘The Sun’ newspaper (a UK tabloid that is not worth the little money it costs)  – no, this is nothing to do with freedom of speech, your actions are more about making some money out of selling your crappy newspaper, now that the pictures are available online and everywhere and you don’t want to be behind ‘the times’, but this is not the way to do it. Your actions are shameful and only reinforce the behaviour of other reporters to start invading other people’s privacy and to reveal them naked in some shoddy news article.  FYI… if you think you broke the Harry news in the UK, then research better, since the photos had been in a more local newspaper in Chester on Wednesday, two days prior. I read it myself and I must say that Harry is not that hairy, but it is his prerogative to parade naked in his private majestic quarters, and to even have a polyamourous encounter.

Then to more, interesting news… as I was browsing my photo archive I found the photo of this enormous glass horse that I took in Venice, Italy back in 2004. I was absolutely gob-smacked with the artists’ creativity and talent. As you can see the light shines through the horse like a myriad of fireflies to reveal its detail and realism. Unfortunately this photo was not taken with a digital camera at the time, so the quality is crap, but hopefully you can always go and see it yourself if you ever go to Venice – I recommend. At least it’s better than reminiscing about fireflies or news of Prince Harry. Just because life also happens outside our mind.