Roam Alone!

I’m sipping on a nice and enormous Soya Latte with three sweeteners, while reflecting on the recent news of the several ‘2012 Olympians’ who managed to get lost and disappear in London after the end of the games. I amaze myself on how easy can be to traffic oneself to a different country without the extreme security measures that are meant to protect us, the public, and which are not in place when they should be. Or perhaps they are being misused or even overlooked by agencies who often get distracted with other nonsense ‘in the name of national security’. The other recent incident was the 11 year old boy who went roaming to Rome alone, and somehow managed to pass five (yes, you have read that right FIVE) airport security checks without being noticed by security and airport staff, going through dozens of queues of people and passing all security. All this without an adult, cash, boarding pass, a passport or being asked even a single question about his destination. After all the boy was only trying to find the nearest toilet, but ended up in an airplane from Manchester to Rome, and was only noticed by passengers mid-way through the journey – which fairly said is about 1 hour into the trip. Don’t blame the boy. He’s only a child! Security staff, perhaps on reflection about their cock-up, viewed the security cameras only to discover that the ‘poor boy’ was almost an invisible entity, that clogged around people like a little leech, but staff either failed to count the number of passports they had in their hands to check if they matched the number of people, or this is a new case of invisibility and staff did not actually see the boy passing through. Nonetheless, head counts in teh actual airplane also failed, or maybe the boy just hid in the toilet or crouched on the seat while heads were rolling up.

I get a feeling that my entry seems a bit bias against security staff and agencies, or perhaps because it is. They are the police-wanna-be people who often misuse their pseudo-power to intimidate the average ‘Joe and Jane’ public, by giving them ‘the evil eye’ of the law. Personally I never had a serious problem with security people, apart from once when I was shopping at Lidl (yes I sometimes buy stuff there too) and whilst crossing paths with a friend we stopped briefly to catch-up about life and chit-chat and the security staff abruptly interrupted our engagement by saying that ‘people are not allowed to talk inside Lidl, it’s for people to shop’ and asked us to shift around and move on. Whilst I now chuckle when thinking about this events, at the time I was f’ing fuming and enraged about his attitude. The drama queen in me thought ‘how dare he talk to me like that!’ Well, I complained, he was dismissed and I got a nice £40 compensation for my next shopping trip – nice! Complaining sometimes pays off, and to quote Tesco’s line – ‘every little helps!’ Sorry Lidl…

However, at times when I am browsing shops I notice how uniformed and plain-clothed security staff hover around people, in particular me. Ok, I know I am just gorgeous and irresistible to people, but if I wanted paparazzi or stalkers I would have gotten into the celebrity business. Yes, I am perceptive of these things, and now that I think about it, perhaps those ‘hovering people’ are shoplifters who are pretending to be security guards and then manage to get their way around stealing a nice Cornish Pasty or some eye-liner! Interestingly, the other day I got fed up with this experience, after having a suspicious looking man hovering around me for more than 3 minutes, so I approached a till (i.e. cashier) and said aloud ‘excuse me, I think you need to call security because there is a man hovering around people perhaps trying to rob us or the shop’. The woman (i.e. cashier) became so embarrassed when she had to reveal the man’s identity ‘as one of the staff’, and his cover was blown – at least for a few minutes, or until the current customers left and new ones came in, not knowing about the momentanous ordeal.

I do see the value of security staff, but for Goodness Sake, they need training on social manners. I sometimes think that many of the security people are ex-prison workers or ex-police officers, who often forget they are dealing with ol’Mrs O’Donovan and li’l Becky, and not with wanna-be-criminals who are trying to rob shops and supermarkets of their valuable merchandise at every opportunity. (Or maybe they are!!!!) Give people a break and do your job properly, because as perceptive as I am and often I watch documentaries on TV, there are people who – somehow – manage to get a living out of professional shoplifting and then sell their goods to other people. How does this happens? How did it happen that the boy went to Rome alone? Are security companies distracted or just over their heads with inexperience? Or do these security agencies just roam alone in their own grandiose identity – ‘look at me, I’m a security guard and I am gonna catch you stealing’, so much that they forget that their job is not only to protect their employers merchandise but also the numerous clients that pay their f***ing salary!

But to finish off in peace of mind I leave you with a nice photo of a flower that I saw as I was passing to work the other day. I don’t know what species it is, or it’s scientific or common name. Just noticed  some spider webs around it… cute.     After all, life also happens outside our minds!