The awakening for Everard

The death of Sarah Everard has led to the awakening of communities everywhere on the ongoing problem that women and children face around being victimised for simply existing. The symbol of patriarchy reeks… Continue reading

Philip Mountbatten

Protector of the Crown, How many times did you notice the weight of such responsibility? Impossible task for the mere mortal, yet you Lived each moment with caring tender alongside your Queen. Immutable… Continue reading

Great British Election

Hearts race, minds overflow Election time, nothing to show; Political parties, teams of brats All corrupt, a bunch of twats. Promises of hope, wealth and stability Same old speech, as far as eternity.… Continue reading

Twenty years

Those were the days When we met 20 years ago, Elated with blind passion Never foreseeing the pain That life was to reveal; Yet we remained united and strong.   Youth was taken… Continue reading


Had I been born a wolf … I’d be free to roam the wilderness Without care or concern for shelter, Living in the moment, feeling the now. Running wild with the wind, Fur… Continue reading

Merry fucking Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Merry fucking Christmas!   Another year full of blessings People get together to compare gains And criticize those who have less. A season that lost its meaning Where greed is… Continue reading


It’s dark and cold This Christmas eve, The Star no longer shines, No longer guides the Wise Through the miserable Desert. There is no Miracle Waiting to happen, no Salvation At the end… Continue reading


As I prepare to move My heart is unsettled My mind is ambivalent Is this the right move? **** As I prepare to move My home is depressing My life in boxes What… Continue reading

Donald Trump

Don’t fret motherfucker, Our planet has seen tossers like you; Nitpicking humanity like jewels, Adjusting morality to rotten standards, Lowering the value of life, Diving into an abyss of despair. Though I feel… Continue reading

I Fly

I fly Yet I’m a slave I fly Yet I’m not free I fly Yet I’m not brave I fly Yet my freedom crave I fly *Posted from the depths of my heart


The park is full with walkers Pacing slow with each other; Grunting irrationally at the clouds Growling smiles at one another, and Hoping the skies open up for the sun. It’s only dawn,… Continue reading


Prayers inundate your heart, but Ravaging fear stands above all feelings. Anxiety has been your best friend so far; You have strength though In your mind and soul, Not just in your prayers.… Continue reading


Adonis, why are you afraid of the storm ahead? Love is your domain surrounded by muses, yet Cold and unsympathetic fate haunts your soul, Inducting excruciating pain, unbearable even to a god. Never… Continue reading


The shutters are down I’m all alone, not sure where to turn to; Inside me … despair. Despised by my own mind, Confused, unsure of where to turn to; My thoughts race. It’s… Continue reading

Mud People

Great sorrow fills the land Terrible storms are at hand Mountains and hills crumble down Many souls prepare to drown. Screams are heard from our past The story of those who were outcast… Continue reading

Shades of Hope

Sweet Prince, You look at your altar Gazing at idols of prayer Asking for favours and for peace Words of hope emanate from your heart Tender faith requesting for guidance. Hope is the… Continue reading


I’m lost in my soul Adrift a sea of tears Drowning deep in fears Chained down to a ghoul. I can’t find my soul Broken down in tears A mind filled with fears… Continue reading

A Day of Thanksgiving to Europa – 24 June

These are sad times for Europe and all those who live within it. Britannia has fallen out with her mother Europa, and the future seems uncertain and confusing for many. However, despite the… Continue reading

The prodigal daughter – a Biblical BREXIT – part 2

Britannia had decided to leave her family home and separate from her family. She asked her friends and all the subjects in the land, but despite a very close divide she was convinced… Continue reading

The prodigal daughter – a biblical BREXIT – part 1

There was once a wise and kind king who had many many daughters. The daughters’ relationship was stormy and dysfunctional. Many times they would fight each other for reasons beyond understanding. However the… Continue reading


I saw myself fall asleep Into the depths of the night. Dreams were a passing vanity Premonitions of a lost heart. I saw myself fall deep In the abyss of darkened light. A… Continue reading

Sonnet to the terrorist

Oh terrorist, you are not a human being! Unworthy of being called an animal; Hyenas have shown they are more rational And their mighty laughs hold no evil meaning. You kill defenceless people… Continue reading

A tale of the First Christmas

* Written in December 2014 but worth repeating ———– T’was the eve of the First Christmas When all throught the night, All people in town Saw a star shining bright. ☆☆☆ They gathered… Continue reading

The promise

Over these eternal years many promises I made some as clear as bloody tears most impregnable as shade. Promises made out of fears hoping my feats would soon fade My heart bleeds out… Continue reading

If I was Father Christmas

If I was Father Christmas I would transform your tears Into diamonds and precious stones To share with the whole world. If I was Father Christmas I would rewrite your fears Into beautiful… Continue reading


forever, is an eternity                      souls that never end. CYCLE OF THUNDERS,                      lightnings of LIFE  … Continue reading

Serene sky

How serene is the sky,  rising up so tender the moon in great splendour beauty not to forget! The winds quieten down;  a noise from the river faces a strong shiver from a… Continue reading

Human 2: requiem

Creature of earth Human at birth Animal with rights Lusting for fights. Look at your past Enraged so fast Neutering the land Grief is at hand. Implode your insanity. Neutralise your vanity. Grow… Continue reading

Out of a book

I read you out of a book Muttering over laughs and tears. Possibly wishing you were real Or at least I was in the book with you Surfing the waves of your hair… Continue reading

A stone’s nature

Oh stone, What’s hidden beneath you? I dare to question. I dare to dream. I dare not to look, The secrets that lie beneath you. I search for clues Around you, stillness. Snail… Continue reading

Legīum for Natércia

Rejoice,  Natércia, your soul in my veins, Existence so deep burning down my fire. The muse of my heart, goddess of desire, Intentional poet, breaks shackles and chains. Tears shed about love, motherhood… Continue reading

Rise Paris, rise

Providence looks after your souls Anguish fills your eerie skies Refusing to kneel to the decadent Improvise some hope and strength Show us how to be a solid Tower. *to the innocent victims… Continue reading

All of us … for Lebanon

Liberty is a great cost, Enchanted and diverse land. Be united on this sad day, All of us, for the country … for the world. Nurture the cedar with tears Over the irreplaceable… Continue reading

Time Lord

Time elapsed Indiscreetly painful Murdering ancient dreams Elevating infinite goodbyes. Lord of my soul Only if I could travel back Revisiting my past choices. Destiny chose my shadows.

An imitation to the “Ode of the Globe Amaranth”

For those livin’ the Minho valleys In fluid weather under density Listening to advice, in honesty Following laws like ancient alleys. Lonely echoes sounding in the mounts The Shepherd repeats from his tower… Continue reading

Ode to the Globe Amaranth

Shepherds residents in these valleys Shepherds living in such density Reveal to us in all honesty Is Globe Amaranth from dark alleys? In those distant and neighbouring mounts You find such tough eternal… Continue reading

Tears of wax

A candle is lit For your safe journey, my love. It burns, It cries, Its tears melt from inside. I pray For your safe return, my love, While the candle keeps its light.… Continue reading

Shroud of age

Halfway through life Wondering how I’ve got here. Tears,  joy, sadness, sighs, Dreams are far, yet near. This new phase that I face Is a mistery and a wonder. A young mind in… Continue reading


Life is full of surprises Ups and downs Smiles and frowns Misery in many guises Of our many abilities One stands out above all, On our feet we stand tall With dire liabilities.… Continue reading

The kiss of a snail

I wandered through paradise, Seeking touch from inspiration; In me emerging butterflies, My eyes in adoration. My feet on pebbled sand, Lungs inhaling the moors above; The horizon gregariously fanned, From heaven in… Continue reading


Heavy eyelids. Magical fairy dust. Taking me to the Nneveriti. My soul flies free, My body gives away to sleep Protected by the guardians of eternia. Chronos never visits Venus has no power… Continue reading

Cycle of life

Trees hustle. ______Birds nest. Mothering season. ______New life. Hope at hand. Under divine hand. ______Eternal strife. Unfreezing. ______Nature’s best. Colours bustle.   #beyondmontenegro #mirroredsimple #poem #newlife Photo courtesy (c) Sarah Baillie 17 July… Continue reading


Trees hustle Encouraging birds to rest. Mothering season, Promoting a spawn for life Emanating hope for the land Re-energising a divine hand. Admirable long strife Nurturing nature’s reason Constructing future’s best Echoes bustle.… Continue reading

A smile from the Sun

A glimpse of creation Sweeps through this land, Shadowing salvation From mountains to sand. A source of elation Possible to withstand, Ancient adoration A wonder at hand. Eclipse in formation Like prophet’s command,… Continue reading


  Gasp … breathless Flying above the clouds.   Free … weightless Floating without frontiers.   Dream … guiltless Finding my future within.   Live … fearless Fighting awakening battle.   Run …… Continue reading

Wet me Mersey one more time*

Oh Mersey, Mersey, Oh Mersey, Mersey, Oh Mersey, Mersey, How was I supposed to know That I was gonna miss you. Oh Mersey, Mersey, I thought my life was gonna flow And now… Continue reading

Mersey stare

Staring at the Mersey in awe. Memories flooding raw Of a time long gone, Waiting for a new dawn. But life carries on, Emotions withdrawn … Immeasurable flaw Drawing final straw. Uneventful awe.… Continue reading

The fourteen days of Valentine

♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ On the first day of Valentine’s,  my true love sent my way A fresh red rose bouquet. On the… Continue reading

The wet side of the Sun

Translucent tear drop, A gift from my past. Even the heavens cannot stop Infinite memories drifting, vast Transmutations of fears. Angels sewing these tears Growing a fertile field Where happiness has a shield… Continue reading

The door to eternity

**** Eternity is merely a dream To the mere mortal like me, But some people reach divinity By climbing the heavens’ tree. **** Eternity is merely a door That most of us cannot find,… Continue reading


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ stranded waiting for saving light looking into those eyes recognizing the soul within ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ confused wondering why you are lost trying to guide me somewhere new if only you listened to my… Continue reading


Do I exist when I’m asleep, Under spells of imagination? Or do I simply disappear deep Down, away from this creation? *** I’m still alive and do exist, Even when hidden away and… Continue reading

In the name of US

I. We are born to fear The unknown, to revere The mighty and strong, Since the weak are wrong. In the name of US! II. We are hardened wood Rotting, and crude Rejecting… Continue reading

A tale of the First Christmas

T’was the eve of the First Christmas When all throught the night, All people in town Saw a star shining bright. ☆☆☆ They gathered in fields Under such mighty event, Paraphrasing sacred rolls… Continue reading

HOPE interlingual

*** Esperança is Hope An experience not sad, Sentimento entrelaçado Braided in divine rope. *** Often people overlook Esta fé transcendental, Becoming judgemental Com um sorriso em truque. *** Agarrei esta emoção Held… Continue reading

F!ght!ng !llness

* Your presence through the doors With sadness in your eyes F!ght!ng the !llness wars * Your mind not fully yours. Somehow I must surmise Your presence through the doors * To start… Continue reading

The wait

Waiting. Definitely waiting … Deliberately waiting … Eventfully waiting … Pressurely waiting … Protestingly waiting … Confusingly waiting … Resignatingly waiting …  Waiting for you. I was looking the wrong way… You’ve been… Continue reading

Salvaged Sandals

Sandals By the sea, “Abandoned” … Or rather free, E  x  p  a  n  d  e  d Sandy debris, Red-handed I can see Sandals


Companion of old, first bearer of lust Show the world transforming beauty and bring Me out of dusk. The same way that butterflies seek the spring Mirage, to perpetuate their lives’ string, To… Continue reading

Satire to Man Flu

Dedicated to all Men with flu or cold. 😉 Cloth in my forehead, rosary’n hand Hot water bottle, hot lemon brand Nasty cough mixture, honey in wine Lots of painkillers, I’m just not… Continue reading

Saying ‘Life’ Around the world

Life is the most precious experience for all living entities on this earth and anywhere where it may exist in this universe. All ‘Life’ is importante and each Life form is unique. Life… Continue reading

Robin The Great

A giant reaches the stars Ready for a lonely journey, Holding to the bars Of a rusty creaky gurney. An experience of being an entity, Dreams emerging from rage, A robin in a… Continue reading


a) Sifting through my hands my soul’s golden dust fades away, blown to the universe by ravaging hopelessness, keeping my heart adrift from my dreams aspirations.   b) Why? I ask. Why has… Continue reading

Gigantic Odyssey: The Dog, the Granny and the Little Girl

Great honour in mighty visit From Giants of distant land Descending down the beanstalk In Liverpool’s golden sand. Remembering the one event That started 100 years ago At the dawn of the Great… Continue reading

in memoriam of MH17

What’s wrong with this world? Events that shouldn’t be seen. Another plane has fallen down, this time – Malaysian MH17. Shot down from the skies With 298 people inside By Pro-Russian Rebels There… Continue reading

The return of Adonis

*** Adonis is coming down from Olympo tonight. At the back of a Golden Pegasus he rides, Guided by Venus, rescuing my soul. Amongst the Gods he was unhappy. *** In Eternia the… Continue reading

Easter is risen

Easter, Easter Happy trickster Chocolate eggs Juicing dregs. Why the rabbit? Is our habit. And the cross? Is at loss. People party Eating smarty. Where’s the prayer, Faith slayer? T’is a season Age… Continue reading


In memory of those who are missing and a thank you for the hard work of all those involved in the search of the people from the Malaysian flight MH370. A sound, a… Continue reading

“I swear to you”

The following poem contains language unsuitable for children, young people or those who may find it offensive or crude. Please read with care. ♡♥♡♥♡ I I I I I “I swear to you”… Continue reading

“Sonnet to woman”

Behold, eternal Muse Thy beauty shy stars in gaze The moon shifts out of phase And the sun hides deep its bruise. Thy glare is inspiration Flooding artists’ earthly minds And souls of… Continue reading

“Tetractys poem to all mums”

To celebrate Mother’s Day today in the United Kingdom, and in many places around the world I have written this tetractys poem to all mums, but I have created a newer version, called… Continue reading

Cry me a song, Crimea

Crimea, Crimea Who really are thou? Being so desired Between a world row. The West and the East Discuss in despair Thy real identity And thy fate, to be fair! A Red(1) mist… Continue reading

“The Speech”

There was once a country(1) in tightened rule Led by a government cold and cruel, With Comrade Vadin(2) as head of state And Chancel Sloggi(3) to help dictate. The People were poor, overworked… Continue reading

Waiting for the New Year, or ‘Tis the night before the New Year

‘Tis the night before New Year, when all through our town Every creature is excited, even truly the clown. The pubs are packed in, and in restaurants no empty chair, In hope that… Continue reading

Being grateful over next year

A little idea that can help people notice positive things that happen to them over the year, to help people remember those good things while they review the year, and then give something… Continue reading

Red Seagull

  I dreamt of a red seagull Flying towards a blue sun. The purple sea underneath Crying for peace. *** Observed by black hills, Covered by pink trees of hope, And wishing that… Continue reading

An Ode to Madiba Mandela

In memory of Nelson Mandela

The weeping God

1. I see your soul, Weeping God. In fear and in doubt Of human experiences, Consoling your anxieties, By avoiding your thoughts, Judging humanity by their unsavoured actions, Keeping appearances, dreading ageing and… Continue reading


There’s something about the world That makes me tired and lazy, Sometimes I wonder if it’s me And I’m just becoming crazy. I try hard to get along And be friendly with all… Continue reading

Reflective Gratitude

The night owl whooing calling my name, I was in darkness, deeply in shame. It was so cold, I was alone, The forest gripping me in twighlight zone. For years and decades I… Continue reading

A tree of families

A leaf drops, —– A soul descends ———- Unto the earth of my family. Generations are gone —– To the roots of the past ———- From leaves that became seeds. Flowers shine —–… Continue reading

My Mothers’ Children

When I was a child I often spent time with my nan while my mum and dad would go to work. It was difficult for me to understand why my mum would choose… Continue reading

Just for today!

Walking to work has made me once again reflect on priorities in life. Simple lives are more meaningful and beautiful.  Simple lives can be colourful and stress free as well. Life is more… Continue reading

Happy Easter!

I’ve been very busy in the last few months with family, work and university coursework. My thesis has been annoying me for some time now, so I have not had the mood to… Continue reading

Wrong turn … with unexpected consequences

Left the hotel at 7.30 in the morning, in preparation to attend a two-day workshop in Birmingham about Brief Dynamic Therapy for Personality Disorders. I was particularly excited about attending this workshop, since… Continue reading

Beach of Solitude

Last month I decided to travel to the other side of the river, a placed called ‘New Brighton’ in Merseyside. Over there I had hear of mythical beaches that transcend all others that… Continue reading

Dark times

It has been a while since I have written anything. I could blame my busy life, as I am in the middle of a heavy-duty systematic review for my thesis, but also mid-through… Continue reading

Mourning lost April

I left the house at 7.30am to walk the 2-mile-road for another lecture in ‘psychosis and recovery’ at the University. As usual, I was concentrating in my inner world, my thoughts consuming my… Continue reading

Love me too …. Paparazzi!

Waking up for my daily routine is something I do almost automatically. I can’t remember much between getting up and having my daily porridge and fruit, which wakes me up slightly just enough… Continue reading

Once upon a time … in Blackpool

The frolics of Blackpool have amazed me for quite some time. Many of my friends have recommended me this ‘beach resort’ and I have been there a few times just to see on… Continue reading

My hips don’t lie …. even if I keep on loosing more weight

People around me have noticed on the amount of weight I lost over the past 4 months. Literally, I lost 35kgs (around 70lbs) and I am so happy with it. I can now… Continue reading

Fireflies in my eyes … or it is a ‘harry’ eyelash?

As I woke up this morning I was reminiscing of times long gone (literally) when my friends and I, would chase up fireflies during dark and warm summer nights under the shadows of the… Continue reading

Roam Alone!

I’m sipping on a nice and enormous Soya Latte with three sweeteners, while reflecting on the recent news of the several ‘2012 Olympians’ who managed to get lost and disappear in London after… Continue reading

Time for a break…long overdue

A break in my busy work life was long overdue. It has been 7 years since I last had a proper holiday. There is not a specific reason for this, really, at least… Continue reading