As I prepare to move  My heart is unsettled  My mind is ambivalent  Is this the right move? **** As I prepare to move My home is depressing My life in boxes  What… Continue reading

Donald Trump

Don’t fret motherfucker, Our planet has seen tossers like you; Nitpicking humanity like jewels, Adjusting morality to rotten standards, Lowering the value of life, Diving into an abyss of despair. Though I feel… Continue reading

I Fly

I fly Yet I’m a slave I fly Yet I’m not free I fly Yet I’m not brave I fly Yet my freedom crave I fly *Posted from the depths of my heart


The park is full with walkers Pacing slow with each other; Grunting irrationally at the clouds Growling smiles at one another, and Hoping the skies open up for the sun. It’s only dawn,… Continue reading


Prayers inundate your heart, but Ravaging fear stands above all feelings. Anxiety has been your best friend so far; You have strength though In your mind and soul, Not just in your prayers.… Continue reading


Adonis, why are you afraid of the storm ahead? Love is your domain surrounded by muses, yet Cold and unsympathetic fate haunts your soul, Inducting excruciating pain, unbearable even to a god. Never… Continue reading


The shutters are down I’m all alone, not sure where to turn to; Inside me … despair. Despised by my own mind, Confused, unsure of where to turn to; My thoughts race. It’s… Continue reading

Mud People

Great sorrow fills the land Terrible storms are at hand Mountains and hills crumble down Many souls prepare to drown. Screams are heard from our past The story of those who were outcast… Continue reading

Shades of Hope

Sweet Prince, You look at your altar Gazing at idols of prayer Asking for favours and for peace Words of hope emanate from your heart Tender faith requesting for guidance. Hope is the… Continue reading


I’m lost in my soul Adrift a sea of tears Drowning deep in fears Chained down to a ghoul. I can’t find my soul Broken down in tears A mind filled with fears… Continue reading